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Together we face one of the greatest transformations in modern history: how we produce and consume energy. Students, faculty and alumni, along with a diverse cross section of world leaders, are increasingly calling upon individuals and our institutions to model new ways of thinking about sustainability to face the unprecedented challenges of our changing planet.

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Launch of Collegiate Placement Program Brings No-Cost Clean Power to Campuses

DC Solar Freedom, a California based Benefit Corporation, is partnering with educational institutions and DC Solar Distribution, Inc., an industry leading clean energy company, to establish mobile solar generators, light towers, electric car charging stations and charging stations for personal devices on campuses nationwide. The DC Solar Freedom Placement Program furthers institutional sustainability goals and enhances the quality of life for the community and our world.

Through an underwriting process administered by DC Solar Freedom and its founders Jeff and Paulette Carpoff, mobile solar generators are offered to campuses for use at no cost for the university community.

Each unit has the ability to be designed with graphics to promote the university or its events. Mobile solar generators can be brought to nearly any university venue, including stadiums, concerts, and special events, promoting the university's move away from fossil fuel dependency.

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