Frequently Asked Questions

How are you able to provide mobile solar generators for use at no cost to the campuses, communities or to the end users?

The actual cost of the Mobile Solar Generator is $150,000 USD. However, through a strategic partner lease arrangement with DC Solar Distribution, Inc., a major clean energy company, and certain businesses that make the socially responsible decision to underwrite the power, DC Solar Freedom is able to cover the rental cost of each unit, at no charge to the campuses.

What makes Solar Eclipse EV Charging Stations (SCT20 HEV) different from grid tied EV Charging Stations?

They are portable, easy to position, and do not require the lengthy permit process. Each station utilizes a renewable clean green source of fuel; the sun.

What happens if there is not enough sun to charge the batteries?

Most of the units are available in a hybrid model with a backup biodiesel generator. If the sun is not sufficient then the hybrid will automatically kick on and charge the batteries. The hybrid will turn on at 40% and turn off at 90% of battery capacity. Contrary to popular belief, the solar array is still making 20-30% of its power on cloudy days.

In a Solar/Hybrid Diesel model, can I power the backup diesel generator with Biodiesel fuel?


The offer seems too good to be true, what's the catch?

We love that there is frankly no catch. Our company is dedicated to the environment and as a B-Corp we seek opportunities to help promote sustainability of natural resources. We see it as a win/win/win/win scenario for the underwriters, your institution, the solar industry, and end users. We believe having multiple units on each campus serves as a powerful immediate symbol for your institution.

What is a "Benefit (B) Corporation?"

DC Solar Freedom is a California based Benefit (B) Corporation. Benefit corporations are specially designed for companies who wish to achieve success while incorporating community and planetary responsibility. Benefit Corporations allow corporate officers and directors to take into account the people and planet when making business decisions, as opposed to simply bottom line profits.

What is the difference between DC Solar Solutions, Inc., DC Solar Distribution, Inc., and DC Solar Freedom, Inc.?

All three are separate companies with different goals and objectives. However, one thing they have in common is they arise out of the vision and leadership of Jeff and Paulette Carpoff, two clean energy pioneers who moved from owning a Texaco station two decades ago to becoming solar energy leaders.

DC Solar Solutions, Inc. ( designs and manufactures renewable energy products to serve the off-grid needs of a broad and diverse marketplace – while providing investors with access to the renewable energy asset class. DC Solar units make up nearly the entire mobile solar generator market.

DC Solar Distribution, Inc. ( leases renewable mobile energy products, including mobile solar generators, light towers and telecom equipment – and now EV charging stations – to serve the off-grid needs of the entertainment, events, telecommunications, construction, emergency & disaster relief, and agriculture industries for nearly a decade.

DC Solar Freedom, Inc. ( is a California Benefit Corporation that takes the Carpoff vision and shares these great products and resources with universities, communities, and the planet to bring solar energy to eye level and bring about planetary change toward sustainability.

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